I chose to extend my independence day break bay a day and head up to VT on Wednesday night from work before heading out Friday to celebrating the fourth. I had to stay late to finish up at work but I was greeted by this great shot before starting the long journey north. It’s filtered, a fitting way to start this post.

A welcome sight to start the trip

A welcome sight to start the trip

Starting the day off with another tow back out of the meadow and into the driveway, I set off with the air filter change. I wanted to clean everything up to the throttle body though since I was there.



I removed the rotting air duct that runs from the exhaust manifold cover to the intake. Not sure why Audi was piping hot air into the engine purposely? Perhaps for cold starts/warm-up? The wire running from the EGR looks rough and is bare in a spot.




The stock intake on this car looks unnecessarily complicated. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and understand what each component is doing yet – trying to stay focused on three goals before the summer ends: start, drive, legal.


Attempting to remove an EGR Sensor, the bolt snapped that held the sensor and the small bracket. This would be a theme today, but not much of a problem. A zip tie will do here for now.


With the air box out, I was very glad I decided to replace the air filter before even looking at it.


Yep, very glad.


Cleaning things up as they came out, the MAF looked like it could use some love. Using some break cleaner, I carefully cleaned up the piece. It looks like the cast aluminum pieces are starting to degrade and is leaving quite a bit of dust/residue. In the shot below you can see the difference on the screen of the MAF. I didn’t have a new gasket to put here although I do wish I did as it was in rough shape – on the shopping list.



Back together and most everything I touched cleaned up. Decided not to remove the large rubber elbow going to the throttle body because there was a hose coming off the back (Looks like PCV or something) that wouldn’t come off easily and it was starting to tear the old rubber elbow at the bottom of the connection – not worth the extra problems.


A good shot from a step back. I didn’t take a picture of it but I removed the AC condenser since the previous owner already removed the AC Pump and I had no intention of retaining the AC when starting this project (not like it works in m ’95 90 either). The nut on the pipe refused to come off so I ended up sawing off the pipe. I used a “WD-40” engine cleaning product on some of the engine bay when exposed. It comes out like shaving cream and soaks into the dirt and grime – worked really well.

IMG_2777On to a different filter – fuel. This was the rusty picture I was greeted with when I crawled under the car. Could be worse.


I decided to take the whole bracket out since it didn’t appear the filter would be coming out by itself too easily. 2 of the three bolts holding the bracket in snapped about half way out and the third was already completely rusted through. Fuel out line came out nice and easy but the fuel in line snapped the hose when it turned off since it was all rusted to one piece and couldn’t spin in place as designed. Once the bracket came out, I decided to just hammer the old fuel filter out of the simple clamp style mount leaving me with two rusty nuts and bolts which clearly had no intention of coming out easily. A drill and a hammer did the trick.



It was about this time that while checking out something under the car I came upon the largest spider I’d ever seen, and it was a bit unsettling finding it while under the car. The resolution is bad but that would be because I kept my distance until I figured out how to take care of it. Here’s a link to what I believe it was:



Once the spider was taken care of, I had to spend some time under the car grinding away the remanants of the rusty bolt that was covering the through hole of the bracket that I needed to use to remount everything.


A quick trip into town for some SS hardware and other pieces needed things started to come together nicely.



Bracket in place.



The last thing of the day was a quick oil change, which like the gas, didn’t come out at all like one would hope. No pics of the oil change as its… an oil change and not all that exciting. A quick fix for the morning including installing the 4 new harmonic balancer bolts


That was it for the day, it all took longer than expected but it was 90+ with incredible humidity so I was very happy with the progress. I’m getting very close to attempting to start the car and am hoping to do so with the next trip. Some of the to do’s still include: fuel tank flush (pre filter), Inspecting the fuel lines at pressure, spark plug change, coolant hose fix (since I’ll be running without the aux radiator), alternator mounting issue, and I’m sure there are some others I’m forgetting as well. Oh and then there’s the whole new battery/I’ve never seen the car “on” so that will be a small milestone on its own. Shooting for first attempt the end of this month!



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