Winter Troubles

It’s been some time since I’ve posted an update and I was really hoping that the next one would be titled with something along the lines of “It’s alive!” but unfortunately that’s not the case.

In early November, I signed on a lease for a two-car garage space in Natick, Mass. So for the next year at least I will have a space to work on the car, and my own daily driver. After Thanksgiving in VT, I put the car on a trailer and brought her down.


Here is the first shot of it in the garage:


That shot definitely makes the garage look good. There are certainly some things to work out though before it’s an ideal work space. Lighting is terrible, there are no windows and only one light fixture currently, there is a rat problem that I’m currently working on, and there are a couple spots where water penetrates the roof so its damp and smells of mold. Other than that, the space is all mine to toil away in.

The first order of business for the car was to get it up on large jack stands that give plenty of under car access – 6 ton stands. Removing some heat shield, I was able to find the next fuel leak and unwilling to give up on the remaining fuel hard line that runs to the engine bay, I patched it one more time. Priming the system, I got this:


A little bit of water there but the bigger problem was that yet again, the line was leaking.


Kind of hard to see with that picture, but if you look close, you can see the control arm mount a the bottom of the picture is wet – with gasoline. After this happened, I decided I had had enough with this line so I went and bought 8 feet of new flexible line and just cut off the connection in the engine bay. I’ve been messing around long enough with this car and I still don’t know if it will run or not. Time to do whatever it takes and worry about “right” later.

The soft line held pressure so I pulled the spark plugs to get oil pressure up without the added stress on the starter of compression. I went to crank the motor over a few times… and got nothing. No attempt from the starter at all. I checked the voltage from the signal wire to the starter and got 12V. I checked the voltage supply to the starter and got 12V. So sadly this points to a failed starter and will now be the next need for the coupe.

Going forward, I’ll be taking some time to clean up the garage more and make it a more enjoyable place to work. I’ll be pulling out all the supplied shelves and sealing up some of the holes to try get the smell out. New lights and a heater are a must for the coming winter months so I’ll be looking at some options there too. But for now, the coupe is still dead.


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