Tearing it all apart

Some significant – although destructive – progress has been made over the past couple weeks since the car was started. I think that was a good motivational boost. The car seems to still have life in it so the project seems slightly more possible!

I’ve spent many hours now tearing apart the interior of the car. When I started, it was impossible to stand being inside the car for more than a few moments due to the mold, smell and creatures crawling about. The seats, carpets, carpet cushions, sound deadening, plastic consoles and nearly everything visible to the typical consumer has been or will be removed.

A couple pictures of the process:

I’m using the little blue flags to denote where each wire was connected. This will help later when I simplify the wiring harness. Simplifying the harness is important for quick diagnosis of electrical issues later on. To give you an idea of some of the features being removed from this “Luxury” coupe: Power and heated seats, door alarms, central locking, automatic climate control (and all the associated vacuum lines), airbags, ABS, interior lights, stereo and speakers, sunroof and so much more.

Small shout-out to the previous owner on the picture below. Yes, this is the driver’s side window being held in place with some pieces of wood and zip ties…

Found another gem in the process of stripping the car, mouse nest count: 5

But all this work was fairly easy in comparison to the effort it took to remove this:

That is the entire rear-end of the car. 24 years of corrosion made this task so much harder than it really needed to be. I’ll be tearing this assembly apart, grinding the components down to bare steel, replacing seals, fluids, wear components, and hardware as needed and then painting to protect them from future abuse. Stay Tuned!


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