Suspension / Drivetrain Work

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update since progress has been sporadic and slow. The suspensions assemblies have been disassembled, bushings have been removed and parts have been sandblasted. Last night I started the refinishing process which included using a heavy-duty degreaser on the parts to remove any remaining grime, rinsing off and then letting them dry.

I used some rope and ran lines from pretty much anything solid to something else. In the end it turned out pretty comical but it should do the trick.

Differential got fresh fluid last night and the vacuum actuating system has been removed to make way for a micro linear actuator which I’m installing to simply the vacuum lines – of which this car had wayyyy too many. The differential lock likely won’t be useful for rally but instead will be more of “fun” button.

That’s all for now. The rear control arms have been welded and I’m working towards finishing the subframes which are getting a full seam weld and reinforcement around the rear differential mount. New wheel bearings to be pressed in next week.

Future work: New fuel & brake lines, ABS delete, Brake booster conversion, Clutch master and Slave replacement, Charcoal canister delete, and many many other items!


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