End of Summer… Still Digging

I’ve been busy these past few weeks/months taking advantage of the hot summer weather to get in the garage and keep wrenching. I should start by saying the car now seems farthest from “road-worthy” than ever. “Project creep” has taken hold and the schedule to be running and driving by winter is slipping big time. Let’s see.

In a sort-of modern artistic fashion, I painted 70% of the suspension components with POR-15 – a rugged anti-corrosive paint. I got creative with hanging the parts:

Looking closer after a couple coats, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Still need a top coat though.

Front Control Arms

OEM Strut Housings… There is a lot more. but onto better things.

I took a Friday off and decided it was time to pull the motor/transmission from the car. It felt good to get in the garage so early.

To the left, you can see the engine hoist in pieces. Not having a truck has incurred extra time/labor in some cases, but I’m getting by.

Airbox and intake hoses removed…

Separation! you’re seeing many little blue flags to help me keep my sanity during this process so I know where everything goes when it’s time to put it all back in. On top of the transmission there, you can see acorn shells and other nuts, a testament to the time this vehicle spent sitting, a habitat for many creatures.

An evening spent with the car, pulling many unnecessary things out of the engine bay such as, ABS controller, sensors and tubing, Aux washer fluid reservoir, hydraulically assisted braking system, charcoal canister, cruise control, and many many other things.

Here you can see the MAF I’ll be installing next to the one I removed. Larger cross-sectional area = more air for the engine. This is off of an early build B4 90 quattro which is plug N play – although I will need a tune to take full advantage of the gains.

I’ve started to tear down the brakes as well which are in desperate need of a rebuild.

Here you can see the old exhaust manifold compared to the new. The bottom one is in fact an OEM part. Removing the original exhaust manifold was a challenge, a couple rounded nuts, a few broken studs Рone of which is still in the block, in the threads. That should be fun.

The exhaust will need some love before it can go back on the car. The down pipe connection is all rusty so that will need to come apart and get new hardware.

Here is where the project sits right now. Transmission and motor have been separated. Transmission drained of old fluid, ready for the new stuff and a new slave cylinder (Part that returns the clutch pedal to the top position).

That’s it for now. I’m nearing the point in the project where I can start rebuilding instead of tearing apart. That will be a long uphill battle for sure, but at least much of the complexity of the project is being removed, organized or at least made visible. I can’t wait to see how it all goes.


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