The Find

My friends will attest that I probably spend too much time on craigslist browsing for things I don’t yet know I can’t live without. This car however came from a much better source, through 2 friends from a fellow TKE of years before me. The email came from a good friend of mine and had a gem of a sentence in it: “It truly would be a project car”.  Looking through a couple emails before, I found a link to the following pictures:




20131201_145000 (1)











The details, straight from the email to me:

“So the car is quite an interesting case.

It was running up until I left it in my parents yard five years ago.
I’ll start with what’s wrong and move to what works.
The bad:
  • Headlights-One of the biggest problems for me was finding the right headlight to replace. I switched out the existing headlights for RS2 ones but the glass never fit right. And then they broke, so things got interesting. If you’re looking to rally with this you could throw some HELLA’s on there and it should be fine. Or go back to the original headlights. I just had a tough time with the conversion.
  • Clutch Slave cylinder- It was starting to go when I parked it. I’ve gotten this fixed before in other cars and it should actually be too much of an issue but it’s going to need to be repaired from where you start.
  • Alternator-There is a cross threaded bolt into the engine block that was done by a lousy mechanic. Made it so I always carried around extra belts in the trunk. If you can weld you can probably recreate a proper mount but I struggled with it throughout the life of the car. It should be possible to extract the bolt from the engine block if you’re careful. I never got into it because I was scared but looking back on it this might be the best option. Either that or do some work on the existing bracket that’s in there. Possibly even tightening it every few hundred miles might do the trick. I never figured out a good solution but I also didn’t have the time/patience to work on it
  • The Fuel filter and spark plugs(battery too) probably have to be replaced. The pump was repaired about 10 years ago and should still be fine but if i remember the car had some problems starting after it was left sitting for a while.
  • Drivers Side window- This would break on me a lot. I had it repaired three times. I honestly just don’t think it was built well. You can fix it though. I owned the car for 40,000 miles so that can give you an idea of how long it lasts.
  • No A/C-It never worked well anyway so I pulled it. Heat works though!
  • Interior leak-So there is something that I assume is a bad window seal that causes water to get into the car. I’m not sure where it is but this car occasionally had sitting water on the passenger side of the car.(the down slope part) I don’t know where it came from but I cleaned it out as often as I saw it. At least it’s not in any bad part mechanically.
The good
  • The transmission was rebuilt at around 80,000 miles. Works as well as a transmission should
  • Radiator replaced at around 95k miles
  • Engine would work well, always had some pep. It’s a great car when it works.
  • Suspension was in pretty good shape from the last I remember
  • Brakes seemed good but I can’t remember too well. Parking Brake might need a little work though. Sorry about that one 🙂
  • No rust! Or if there is any it’s pretty minimal. Haven’t really seen any problems with that.
  • Given the time sitting the interior is in not too bad shape. But you know that you’re not buying a brand new car. You’re getting an almost antique with 105k miles on it.”

The agreed Price: $450, the second most I have ever paid for an Audi.

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